Keep Hope Alive

Today was a hopeful day. Things are starting to come around for me. I'm able to hold positivity for much longer. I think it's because I'm changing my relationship to the negative in life. I don't frea out quite as much when I'm tumbling through chaos. I kinds just try to hold on tight while also completely surrendering, if that makes sense. Like a tree bearing itself for the Winter months, but ultimately knowing it will all be okay. God is real, and the cycles of nature always have our back. Because it favors life. And we are all these beautiful beings that will go through many deaths but also so many re-births. And somehow each time we come out more beautiful and amazing than the last. That's why I have to go out into nature a lot now. To be reminded of the endless beauty of the trees. Of the plants, all the animals, and even the decaying leaves. One literally blew right into my shirt and into my bra today. I knew it was God having a good laugh with me :)