I don't Know lol

Things are shifting pretty quickly on my end. I just keep coming back to myself every time I'm triggered. And I'm taking really good care of myself. I'm saying no to things and people, and making sure I take care of my soul. I'm doing those meditations I talked about last post almost every day, and it's helping me to truly realize everything I've always wanted is already within me. The twin flame partnership I truly desire is already inside of me. So, it's really helped me feel less alone, and has also calmed my urgent one a lot. I still have worries, but my faith is starting to truly make a difference with them. I still get antsy, trust me. There's an aliveness within me that I have yet to fully tap into, but I know I will. Because it's up to me. And I will keep doing the work. Every damn day I will go deeper and deeper within myself to find more magic. So it's impossible for anyone to stand in my way, because it's up to me. I will manifest the life of my dreams. But my truest dreams, the dream that my soul song sings. And it's gonna be rad as fuck. With that being said, I already live an amazing life. My home is dope as fuck, my son is seriously beyond incredible, I have such cool jobs, and I feel more and more free each day. Oh, and I stumbled onto this spiritual journey about 7-8 years ago. So, I have to remember to count my blessings every time I get ahead of myself. Because I'm pretty damn blessed. Thank you God, thank you Universe.